GRO About Us 

Our journey in the strength industry started with a small flame that was lit about a decade ago in a small gym in Pennsylvania. That flame quickly transformed into a burning passion for strength training. That passion for strength led to a constant desire for more knowledge on human performance. We are now on a journey that is constantly evolving as we collect more knowledge, and this pursuit for knowledge is a never ending journey. We want to share this journey with others not only to develop great athletes, but more knowledgeable people. 

OUR MISSION is to provide expert coaching and education to help our clients achieve their goals and continue progressing over a lifetime.


OUR VISION is to change people’s perspective of strength-based training so it is understood that strength, aesthetics, and overall well-being can all be achieved in harmony with one another over a lifetime.


The framework of our coaching method: BODY - KNOWLEDGE - STRENGTH



We recognize and value the fact that strength cannot be achieved without taking care of the human body. One of our goals is to teach our clients how to prevent factors such as nutrition, electromagnetic signals, and light from being limitations in regards to human performance. 



Knowledge is Power, and it always will be. In order to set our clients up for success in the future, our coaching strategy consists of an educational program that is designed to give our clients all the tools necessary to succeed in the long-run. 



Physical. Mental. Emotional. Strength. You have to earn it. Our coaching strategy teaches our clients to embrace their weaknesses and eventually thrive in those areas while keeping a positive attitude along the way, regardless of setbacks. This framework allows our clients not only to build strong bodies, but strong minds.