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  • Your freshly made coffee will be roasted on the 20th of every month. Please note that if you subscribe after the 20th, you will receive your first shipment the following month
  • Once roasted, your coffee will be shipped straight to you to ensure you get the freshest possible coffee
  • Enjoy your fresh cup of GRO!

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About Our Coffee

Our signature blend of coffee is specifically formulated to not only give you a much needed 'pick me up', but also a unique flavor that comes from the mountains of East Africa. The flavor is packed into a single bean known as a peaberry that is grown in abundance only in the area around Mt. Kilimanjaro. Clean and crisp feel with rich cocoa flavors will surely leave you wanting just one more cup. Become a member of the monthly coffee club for $18.99 a month. *Automatic renewal until cancelation.

  • Roast Level: Medium-Dark
  • Processing Method: Washed
  • Aroma: Robust
  • Flavor Notes: Tart and crisp with rich cocoa and lemongrass flavors
  • Substance: Tart and crisp
  • Finish (Aftertaste): Clean mouth feel
Join the coffee club

Join the coffee club
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